terça-feira, dezembro 30, 2008

Song # 242 - The Best Of 2008 | Rui Tavares

Como habitualmente, aqui fica a lista dos 20 melhores discos de 2008 para o meu amigo e profundo melómano, Rui Tavares. Obrigado pela colaboração!

Kings of Leon - only by the night
Sleepercar - west texas
Underwater Sleeping Society - the dead vegas
The Transistors - under control
Dead Souls - cognac and coffee
The Ting Tings - we started nothing
We Are The Physics - are ok at music
Zach Hill - astrological straits
Late of The Pier - fantasy black channel
Final Days Society - noise passes, silence remains
Mutators - secret life ip
The Mars Volta - the bedlam in goliath
Foals - antidotes
Noah & the Whales - peace full, the world lays me daw
No Age - nouns
True Widow - true widow
Have a Nice Life - death consciousness
Why? - alopecia
The Dead Set - worlwide
Mexican Kids at Home - when we all live in igloos

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